Stephanie Alexandra

Welcome to my online portfolio.

Here you are invited to check out work from my exciting career in the world of entertainment. Considering the wide breadth of professional experiences I have had, this portfolio will be updated often. Enjoy, and be sure to laugh out loud. It is after all an amazing time to be alive............

 Articles and Interviews - "Yes, I am published. I promise to continue my journey conducting Q and A's with textured people on fascinating subjects". Spanning the gamut from an expert on the female form to ground breaking grapplers, with an occasional politician or forensic pathologist thrown in for good measure.

 Excerpts - Plenty to read about. Curious Quotes  from a Gal who has; sung the National Anthem at a packed Shea Stadium in front of "not nearly enough people", also "comfortably danced on the edge of the entertainment volcano", and who believes her greatest assets are her mind and her jeans.


As of March 2002, The First Female Ring Announcer to be Sanctioned by a U.S. Boxing Commission for the Mixed Martial Arts...


Official Ring Announcer for Mixed Martial Arts at Championship Fights in National Competitions.


Regarding the MMA..."In my fantasies, I sing the National Anthem at the Ultimate Fights, and then I tap out the heavyweights with a perfectly executed Rear Naked Choke."


Regarding Spice and Playboy Channel Hosting..."It's so strange, I still get recognized, but only when I speak, it's my voice people recall. I never dreamed so many people had illegal cable boxes."


Regarding the Challenge of Spice Hosting..."Wow! Even though Spice was not as racy as now, selling something that moves 2000 times per second with no script,while erotic stars massage each other behind you is quite precarious.The eroscillator I mean.Yet this is good prep for any serious broadcastors future."


Regarding Wild On E! Channels Sex in NYC appearance and interviewing..."The producer from E! referred to me as the perfect Generation X Sexpert ...I told them that was a very bad idea....there is at least one out there who would beg to differ."


Regarding her band Wayward Soul....My partner John and I have been working together for years.I take it very seriously.




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