Excerpts From Stephanie
By Stephanie Stokes

Eroticism is truly a state of mind. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the incredible eye-candy of Cupid on Spice; after all, how could any hot-blooded host not feel stimulated while watching our sensual male and female models drown each other's bodies in edible oil?
Yet what I discovered, after modeling for a short stint in the early days of Cupid, is to communicate with my words instead of just my body. I get just as aroused (if not more) watching the stage then when I was modeling myself.

Not only does this put you and me in the same mind-set, but I've learned something wonderful about myself, as well as people in general. This doesn't mean I'm a total voyeur and this doesn't mean my neighbors need to worry about me. Peeking through their bedroom windows wouldn't compare to Cupid anyway.
But what it does mean is that, as I'm growing older, I've discovered there are so many aspects of sexuality which are pleasing. This is a major revelation to someone whose peers are still thriving from nightclubs and promiscuous sex.
You see, I'm lucky in that I know the Cupid cast and crew pretty well and I appreciate their appreciation of body creams as well as their devilishly innocent laughter behind the scenes. Even cameramen, who are historically portrayed as drooling ogres, are charming at Cupid, blushing just like me.
I'm here at Cupid to open doors in our minds, because I know there is a different way of perceiving and expressing healthy sex with your partner than just doing the same old thing (which is still great). But that's why I love Cupid and totally enjoy the entertainment. It's made my world truly satisfying.

     And hopefully, yours, too.

     Love and kisses,

P.S. If you read this piece before committing to memory the models and lingerie, you're probably not a true Cupid fan. But I promise not to hold it against you.

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