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Stephanie Stokes
Professional Stunt Woman/Licensed Announcer-NJ State Athletic Control Board
Singer/ TV Host/ OnCamera Personality.

I have spent my career walking on the edge of the entertainment volcano. One can say that I have a mind that just won't let my body quit!

As a professional interviewer and announcer for STATE SANCTIONED Mixed Martial Arts EVENTS, I respectfully serve as the Official Pre & Post Fight Interviewer for the no-holds-barred, brutal, full contact Cage Fury Fighting Championships.  This stemming from my earning the exclusive title of being the first female to be sanctioned by any US State Athletic Control Board as an Announcer for professional Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts events in 2001!

I must have a familiar voice and an unforgettable look, because I am still recognized from my run as the only fully clothed host of the Spice Channel. By the way, I hosted the channel before it was totally racy. It used to be just sexy, then it became totally outrageous.

I am blessed to have performed live in front of tens of thousands of people in hundreds of cities from Honolulu to New York, at large scale events and clubs (from stunt work on Acapulco HEAT, to singing at the Indy 500, the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia and the US Open, and earning Hawaiian Tropic bikini wins). Through product sales and interviews on National TV, I hope I have entertained, informed, and amused millions of viewers.

Born with a microphone in my hand, I am often recruited to sing the National Anthem for events such as March of Dimes Awards and ESPN's Ring of Combat. This, after I admitted to first performing the Anthem in a Marilyn Monroe-esc white sundress "for not nearly enough people" (45,000) at a New York Mets baseball game at Shea Stadium. Absolutely the most surreal honor!

My band, Wayward Soul has opened for Cheap Trick, Buck Cherry, 10,000 Maniacs, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Six Pence None the Richer, The Jason Bonham band, John Taylor from Duran Duran fame, and Dokken
As a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Broadcasting graduate, I maintain my continuing education in all areas of fitness, hoping to inspire all to stay fit and healthy and face challenges head on.

My enthusiasm for the fierce, unfiltered closed fist Mixed Martial Arts events and the Spartan sport of Boxing should be undeniable. I commit to roll out the introductions and winners with uncanny strength of voice and complete respect. I want you to feel like the winners you are. (I also want the world to know that grappling is good, clean, fun!)

In my most recent glorious endeavors as a Stuntwoman, I have:
• Submerged in the depths of the East River in New York City for Maria Kanakaredes
• Repelled from a helicopter into a speeding convertible for singer Scarlette's MTV debut
• Dove out of the way of an exploding car for Ann Margaret
• Sped thru NY traffic across a busy bridge for Lisa Kudrow
• Ran nose first into a glass wall for Frances McDormand
• Fallen down a flight of stairs for the very pregnant soap star Crystal Chappell
• Been yanked off a roof and hung on for dear life for star Laura Wright
• Fought a "too vicious for prime time", nasty cat fight for super model turned actress Patricia   Velasquez ( I even showed Patricia a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu double leg take down)
• Gone for a FAST grocery cart ride like a Jackass into a vegetable stand for Avril Lavigne, just missing veteran TV Star Abe Vigota but went smashing head first into a wooden carton of broccoli ("it had to be my least favorite green") in the process

As fun as I have had with the above, my crowing moment as a stunt women came when I was set totally ablaze, we are talking "full burn" - on fire completely.

Why subject myself to the insanity?
Well…. because I can!

My goal: To introduce and interview all who push the envelope within themselves. I want you to feel like the winners you are. I believe that "with discipline, you gain respect, with perseverance, you get results."

My Motivation
: "All your young life they will tell you the things you cannot do.  Quite firmly and very quickly they will tell you no.  A thousand times until all the NOs become meaningless.  They will tell you NO.  and YOU WILL tell them YES!"

"If on this journey, I get tossed out of a window in stilettos, get to throw a jab or an open palm to the ear, throw a race car into 6th gear or a stunt car into reverse, I too will have pushed my own internal envelope, harnessing my mind and body to lead by example. Ladies and Gentleman, I humbly welcome you to the event."

Stephanie Stokes
Tel: 201-446-2244  201-560-1234

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