Stephanie Alexandra Stokes

Download 16 Bit HQ wave samples from Steph here!

001HeyBabe.wav - Hey Babe You've Got Mail

002IdRather.wav - Id rather be choking you out!

003LetsRoll.wav - You ready, You ready lets roll!

004ShutUp.wav - Shut Up And Train!

005TapOr.wav - Tap or be tapped

006TrainHard.wav - Train Hard or Go Home

More Sounds Coming Soon!


Stephanie Stokes is currently being booked for commercial, corporate, and personal announcing, interviewing, hosting and voice overs, as well as spokesperson hosting/appearances for media events, major events, and conventions. Stephanie is ready to bring to the event her appeal, charisma, enthusiasm and clever intellect which she is known for.

Contact Info & Bookings

Broadcasting / TV Hosting / Reality Based Programming / Voice:
Agent: Katie at NS Bienstock 212-765-3040

Acting / Endorsements / Live Events / Modeling / Press:
Mgmt: Networking Talent 201-969-9494


Never Quit Stunts 201-560-1234

For information regarding availability for bookings, and any questions, please contact: k


After downloading the file, 001HeyBabe.wav Double click on My Computer, Double click on Control Panel then Double click on SOUNDS, choose the Sounds Properties Tab,  In the Events: Windows, scroll down to AOL Default Sounds and click once on it to highlight it. The Current path and WAV file name OR 'none' will be displayed in the Name Window Click Browse locate the file you have just downloaded and select it for this Event. Click on the WAV file name once then click Preview to hear the sound click OK or choose a different WAV.  When you're finished associating the file, click OK and close Control Panel and My Computer, Log on to AOL and hope you have mail, if you do you should hear the sound you just loaded!