Wednesday July 9th, 2008

 New Show!
05:37PM GMT by Stephanie

A big sultry summer hello to you all!

I am pleasd to announce that I am Co Host of Concert Scene, your all access pass to the world of live music!

I jump on the tour bus with the amazing Rachel Bolan of Skid Row as he and I get exclusive behind the scenes action, live performances and get lots of gear signed by the artists that you can win on the site, as well as my favorite, New Artist Scene, where you can post footage of YOUR favorite unsigned artist, and weekly, the voted favorite will get air time on the show!

Bands on our tour include: Filter, Sevendust, Slightly Stoopid..... thanks for watching!

 MMA weight classes and scoring: NJACB
04:23PM GMT by Stephanie

Quote of the Day: Nick Lembo on New Weight Classes

by Luke Thomas on Jul 9, 2008 9:44 AM EDT in News

"Changing weight classes is a substantial change that needs further discussion and exploration, in my opinion. There needs to be more discussion and involvement of more parties prior to contemplating such a drastic rule change. I am not convinced that weight classes are a crucial problem within the sport and I am not yet sure that the addition of so many more weight classes is warranted. I am concerned about unhealthy weight cutting but I do not think that simply adding more classes solves that.

Any drastic changes to the unified rules need to be carefully contemplated. If I was going to explore an area to possibly overhaul in the current rule set, it would be the scoring system. That, in my mind, warrants attention. That concerns me much more than the current weight classes."

-- Nick Lembo, Counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, delineates the argument against changing the weight classes. His appeal to a more sensible order of priorities when amending rules in MMA competition is also something others should be adopting as well.

Monday February 4th, 2008

 Republican vs Democrat Sex
11:25PM GMT by Stephanie

Great quote: No matter how you are registered, it's most likely based in truth :

"When the democrats are having sex they are actually thinking about the person they are having sex with and the republicans are having sex and thinking about the democrats"

Bill Maher, Feb 2008.

Sunday February 3rd, 2008

 Lesnar vs MIR
02:52AM GMT by Stephanie

The leg/knee is venerable only when the less experienced BJJ guys are in the ring!

Super exciting fight, although my money was on MIR, Brock turned the audience around. Brock might not have known how to defend and roll out of the knee bar, but he was getting BOO -ed after Mir's win and did indeed make an impression when he initiated the battle and made the audience show slight respect when he gave kudos to the sport and MIR immediately following his tap out! He exited to cheers. Both MIR and Lesner will be back.

Friday February 1st, 2008

 Just so you know
05:51PM GMT by Stephanie

I think it is of interest to many of us that as of Feb 1, 2008 Exxon & Mobil Oil just posted the largest fourth quarter AND ANNUAL PROFIT of any US Company. How did they do that?????

Go Hess!

Saturday January 19th, 2008

 Sundance Film
04:04AM GMT by Stephanie

Which reality star, when I was introduced to him by the executive producer at a wrap party, left me ABSOLTUELY SPEECHLESS by saying "YOU PROBABLY DON'T RECOGNIZE ME WITH MY CLOTHES ON ?"

MORGAN SPIRLOCK of 30 Days and Biggie Size Me. He has a highly tauted movie at Sundance entitled "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?" ...

Wednesday December 5th, 2007

 Twisted Sister Silver Bells Video
03:11AM GMT by Stephanie

As the "sexy Santa" along with Renee Stakey, and Playmate Monica Leigh, I highly recommend the best of the Christmas videos by Twisted Sister! I had a blast!

Anna from Bangz salon and spa in Montclair did an amazing job on my hair as well as the makeup stylist Diane from NJ's in Hasbrock Heights! Thank you gals!

Tuesday November 27th, 2007

 A huge hello!
04:24AM GMT by Stephanie

Hi! Boy I ve missed being here!

I am working on updates with excellent links, but in the meantime, please check out the Twisted Sister Silver Bells christmas video! i was a sexy santa with singer Renee stakey and playmate Monica Leigh, boy was that a blast of a night!!!That was some sexy s**t! Our show Stuntworks is still in the process , after we just signed with the most successful production company of docusoap reality tv.

Oscar the Bird , Big Guy Smyj & I send our best!

Wednesday January 3rd, 2007

 Cage Fury Fighting with Me and You Tube & My Space Page
10:13PM GMT by Stephanie

Happy New Year! I certainly hope you all health, tons of happiness, good fortune and LOVE! I want this year to see our troops home safe from Iraq!!!

I wish extra special gratitude to our service men and women and families!!!! ****Please immediately check out *** *** I will be interviewing all fighters before and after the fights at The Tropicana in Atlantic City LIVE on Jan 19, 2007.

The promoters have previously hosted sold out fights that were excellent!!!! I am psyched to be a part of the Cage Fury Fighting Family!!! If you or a lady you know has what it takes to be a Ring Girl, contact

***I have also set up a video of me getting lit on fire on along with some quick interviews, plenty more to come...

Also fighter interviews and burns on , under Stephanie Stokes and BURN.

To upload your kick ass, not for all eyes fights, go to www.WhoopASS.TV

On, you can download to ITunes, episode 4, where I speak to Jean Jaques Machado and episode 7, where I get into it with none other than Bill " Superfoot" Wallace....plenty more coming up ... Train Hard or go home!!! Keep in touch,

Love Steph


P.S. For the ABSOLUTE BEST in STUNTS, check out

Tuesday January 3rd, 2006

 New Year, Different Approach
03:32AM GMT by Stephanie

Ok, if you are still keeping up with your New year's resolution, way to go! Two days in and a win on the horizon!!! To maintain your victory with your toughest opponent/proponent,yourself, and you sense a slip in your conviction and motivation, try a different approach. Don't meander around town and feed curious minds with your goals. Many might just want you to fail first to allieviate their own failure guilt.

Keep it real and keep it to yourself. It is just for you! Maintaining your own realistic resolutions is perhaps the single most selfish thing you will do all year. If you wain, relax, dont beat yourself up, the world will do that for you. BUT STAY IN THE GAME, Keep it truly simple, and quietly emerge victorious to hear a roar that you deserve!!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I cheer you!

As for me, a few things; I believe a Stephie internet interview show is on the horizon, as well as a The Smyj's family reality show, complete with exciting stunt engineering and crazy banter and this week: off to the studio to finally record new tracks!!!!